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Fluoride Application


Course Description

CPD Hours:

This course is aimed at GDC registered dental professionals to learn and develop skills in this treatment area within a dental practice environment. The course is tutor led over two days in classroom and clinical environments and formative assessments are used at the end of each module.

As part of this course learner’s will be provided with a practical experience portfolio (PEP) to record supervised activity within the workplace on a range of patients with feedback from their GDC registered suitably qualified dental professional.

Summative assessment at the end of the course is gained from the Personal Experience Portfolio (PEP) ensuring that competency has been achieved, reflective skills are also developed during this process further meeting the course Aims and Objectives. Following assessment of the PEP certification can be issued.

Course Aim

To provide dental nurses with the practical skills and underpinning knowledge needed to competently apply topical fluoride to a range of patients within the GDC scope of practice – Additional skills:

  • Apply Fluoride varnish on the prescription of a dentist
  • Apply Fluoride varnish as part of a Public Health project Course Objectives
  • Identify the relevant professional requirements
  • Gain informed consent from a range of patients prior to treatment
  • Read and Record patient records accurately
  • Demonstrate up to date knowledge of cross infection and medical emergencies
  • Communicate with and manage a range of patients
  • State the causes, aetiology and progress of caries
  • State the benefits and contraindications of fluoride varnish application
  • Identify sources of evidence for the use of fluoride varnish application
  • Demonstrate competently selecting, preparing and applying fluoride varnish to a range of patients maintaining cross infection control and health and safety
  • Provide relevant, accurate aftercare advice following fluoride application

Eligibility criteria

  • Current GDC certificate
  • Professional indemnity insurance covering extended duties
  • Currently employed as dental nurse
  • Agreed support from a suitably qualified registered dental professional
  • Current certificate in Medical Emergencies
  • Current certificate in Cross Infection Control

*Copies of the relevant certificates will be required before course commences

Course structure

This course is delivered over two days in a classroom and clinical environment these days are scheduled 6 weeks apart. Learners have up to 4 months to complete the practical experience portfolio. This must be submitted to the tutor for evaluation prior to certification.

This course attracts 24 hours of verified CPD hours.

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