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Terms & Conditions
  1. I agree to pay Tooth Fairies Limited a total cost of £2,999 for my training in Level 3 Dental Nurse Award with City and Guilds.
  2. At such time that I accept a position in a practice that Tooth Fairies set up for me i.e. set up interviews and liaised with practice about me, then I hereby agree to be bound to complete training with Tooth Fairies Limited – so I cannot accept a position with an alternative provider for training.
  3. The initial deposit of £500 is payable before commencement of training and starting work.
  4. A payment plan of 14 monthly payments of £178.50 thereafter has been agreed across the next 14 months.
  5. This payment plan is non-refundable and payable in full, should the placement become unviable it is my responsibility to find an alternative placement to allow learning to continue.
  6. My placement must be for a minimum of 16 hours per week at chairside to allow competency to be gained for this award.
  7. The deposit payment must be paid before the start date, and subsequently on 1st each month until paid in full.
  8. Please note we have a direct debit scheme in place, through Go Cardless and you will be sent the link when signing up and paying initial payment.

Non-payment of any of the agreed monthly instalments would compromise your learning, and as such you would be suspended from learning, and this would prevent you the ability to work at chairside until payments are made. Your employer will also be made aware of this, if this were to occur.