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Your Profession
Experience in this field during your working week?
1. You received information prior to the event – could something be improved?

2. Rate the following aspects of the event organisation

 (1-poor -› 4-excellent)
Event Premises
Event Material
Number of Participants

3. Duration

 (1-poor -› 4-excellent)
Duration of Event

4. Please rate the following aspects of the event

 (1-poor -› 4-excellent)
Event Content
Opportunity for discussions
Tutor Performance
5. Would you recommend this event to your colleagues?

6. Opinion

 (1-poor -› 4-excellent)
Overall Opinion of Event

7. Tooth Fairies Comparison

 (1-poor -› 4-excellent)
How would you rate this Tooth Fairies event in comparison with similar dental courses arranged by other companies?
8. I learned about this event through: